Over 5 Minutes of NOOOOO

We’ve all had to say it. Why not learn a few fun different ways to say it.

This is a great compilation and there are some classics in here

8 Things To Watch Instead Of The Superbowl

Sunday Sunday Sunday February 2nd is Superbowl 48. A day where two teams will make it their goal to get the football into the end zone multiple times and preferably more than the other team. If you are not a fan of the sport there are plenty of alternatives to watch on TV while accompanied by many friends and nachos.

Fuse will be counting down the 100 sexiest videos


Hallmark Channel: The Kitten Bowl

The Science Channel: How Its Made Marathon

Spike is having a COPS Marathon

Animal Planet has the Puppybowl X


AMC has a Walking Dead marathon


BBC has a little TNG marathon


Finally, new for 2014 National Geographic Channel is airing the Fish Bowl.



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Breakfast Taco

Aparently if you get some food and fold it up like a taco you can call it a taco and serve it at a taco joint. This breakfast taco is currently in testing only in Santa Ana, Ca

[via Huffpost]

1949 Mercury Dwarf Replica

Mostly hand built, bought the mirrors and headlights. It’s Powered by a Toyota motor.

Sometimes It’s Not Just The Label That Changes


It’s often that we see products go through a package change. Usually there will be a note on it that states “same flavor new package” we didn’t see that here.

Hopefully the deeper shade of green didn’t affect the taste or scent of the “parsley”

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A Club Sandwich Poll

I know we have asked the before but the question has come up again. Plus we found a new polling system


Zombie Cupcakes!

Halloween is upon us. Most likely you’ll be headed to a party to see your good friends dressed up as zombies and pirate wenches. If you are planning on bringing some delicious treats. These cupcake picks are a great idea. You could create a fun cake graveyard scene and stick these all over.

$3.50 for 12 and they are going fast!

Via [etsy]

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This counts as one pill right?


It’s been a hot summer. Just a tip for you all, make sure to shake them pill bottles before you buy them.

I think it’s time for all those retailers to get those climate controlled trucks

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10 Years of Pharmaceutical Pens

Next time you’re at the pharmacy take a look at the pen each employee is using. Most of the time its just your regular pen. Sometimes you see a neat pen.

Perhaps its colorful or has a interesting clip made to look like a pill or logo. Those different pens come from the drug companies. A representative from the drug companies like to stop by and shoot the breeze with the pharmacist then leave some shwag behind. Which is most of the time some pens and maybe a note pad or even a lanyard. We all know that people collect everything these days and sometimes those collections grow and grow.

After 10 years of collecting pharmaceutical pen this is what a collection will look like.

[Via reddit]

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KFC Thinks Outside The Bun

So it would seem that KFC has taken a tip from Taco Bell and has really thought outside the bun. Right now it’s only available in the Philippines. Many people agree that it’s an entirely different kind of sandwich.

You have to think, perhaps this was a mistake that they rolled with. Perhaps it was a joke from one employee to another and it stuck. I wonder if they throw some wet naps when you order this?

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